Tuesday, January 18, 2011

05/07/2007 Buah No. 2.

1. Deflect the incoming punch with the same side hand on the inside, i.e. Right deflects Right and Left deflects Left. This is called the Inside Deflect.

[2. & 3. Simultaneously]

2. Strike the forearm on the inside with your opposite hand using a forearm smash (square on and exhaling sharply). Slide down the arm to grasp it at the wrist as the :

3. Same side arm punches the point between the biceps and the shoulder - back fist or Monkey fist in the inside.

4. Open the fist and slide it rapidly up the arm to deliver a palm heel strike to the nose.

1. 05/07/2007 Buah No.1

Buah are the Male aspects of the Art. 
Bungha are the Female. 
Buah No.1 is the basic Cimnde move that is common to all Silat Systems.

1. When a punch is thrown at your face, deflect it by slapping the punching arm (hard) with your opposite hand (Right deflects Left and vice-versa.) This is called the Outside Deflect.

2. Use your same side arm to execute a Forearm Smash on the punching arm, keeping the fist closed and exhaling* sharply on impact to maximise the power of your strike.

3. Grasp the arm with the hand that just smashed it and slide it down to the wrist, holding it briefly then give it a Monkey tug to pull the oppo off balance. 

4. Use your opposite side arm to smash down with closed fist and sharp exhalation to break the arm at the elbow.**

These moves are done against the outside of the arm and so allow you to step behind the oppo for a counter attack or take-down.  While positioning yourself for the 2 strikes, turn on the balls of your feet so that the blows are delivered full on at 90 degrees (again for maximum power).

* Exhaling on impact has 2 effects. 1. it increases the power of your blow and 2. it minimises the harm done to your own body by the impact. Every time you receive an impact, negative energy is taken into the body. By exhaling sharply, you release this energy and so you will be less subject to aches and pains after your training session.

** The elbow joint is a moderately complicated piece of engineering. If it is broken, it can be very difficult to set properly and can take a long time to heal. Cimande is a destructive art and the philosophy is to destroy anything that is directed against you.